Kao Sofina Primavista Long Keep Base UV (25ml)


Kao Sofina Primavista Long Keep Base UV (25ml)

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Kao Sofina Primavista Long Keep Base UV (25ml)

* SRI Survey by Intage
Accumulated Japan market share date from January 2010 to December 2017 sales base

Based on the primer market share in sales amount

Resists sweat and sebum even at high air temperatures, helping maintain a shine-free foundation finish for many hours.
The foundation does not come off easily with time, so the beautiful finish lasts for a long time.

  • An oil blocking formula that traps sebum to prevent it from spreading
    Long-lasting silky smooth finish that feels pleasant to the touch
  • The skin around the nostrils is less prone to an oily shine
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients (Sodium Hyaluronate, Chamomilla recutita flower extract)
  • SPF20•PA++, Fragrance-free

Advanced technology used for Long Keep Base <primer>

That is: the amazing ability to prevent makeup deterioration caused by sebum!

Advanced point 1 Prevents oily look even under high temperature and humidity!

"Oil blocking formula" traps sebum and keeps it from spreading, greatly improving the ability of the primer!Silky, smooth non-oily skin lasts for hours.Skin around the nostrils in the evening Without primer With Long Keep Base UV <primer> * Combined effects with Primavista Foundation Mechanism for preventing sebum from spreading NEW Sebum absorbing powder Sebum solidifying powder solidified sebum Skin Sebum Sebum repelling oil Solidifies sebum Contains, as a new ingredient, sebum absorbing powder, in addition to the conventionally-used powder that solidifies sebum.With the double power of these powders, sebum is solidified after secretion and does not spread.Does not blend with sebum Contains sebum repelling oil.Prevents sebum from spreading over the skin.

Advanced point 2 Prevents a foundation from coming off and/or creasing.

A freshly applied beautiful finish lasts until the evening. Helps a foundation adhere better to the skin! Prevents a foundation from coming off and/or creasing even in areas where skin often moves, such as areas around the eyes and lips, helping maintain a beautiful finish over time.


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