Urumoa Earth Chemical Moisturizing Bathing Solution Urumoa 600ML


Earth Chemical moisturizing bathing solution Urumoa 600ML scent of creamy floral

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Product Introduction

This bath salts that have been developed by focusing on the drying of the skin.

Gently wraps the skin, moist, leading to a smooth skin.

Five moisturizing for skin (collagen, entrapment hyaluronic acid, ceramide, royal jelly, shea butter) formulation.

※ in this product does not contain sulfur damage the tub-bath kettle.

Product Use

(1) Open the lid (2) issues a liquid to the line of weighing down the bottle. (To the top of the memory of the cap is 40ml. Depending on your choice of moisture, please adjust the fee for use. ) (3) put this product 40-80ml in a bath of hot water (200L), please bathing and mix well. (4) After use, close the lid snugly, metering cap, please do not wash with water.

Ingredients / Materials

Water, polystyrene, glycerine, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, ethanol, perfume, polysorbate 20, polyquaternium-10 (moisturizing veil component), phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, hyaluronic acid Hidorokishipuropirutorimoniumu (adsorbed hyaluronic acid), shea butter, royal jelly extract, hydrolyzed collagen, glucosylceramide ● in this product does not contain sulfur damage the tub-bath kettle.


Enough attention to it because it becomes slippery bathtubs and washing place ※. ● Do not use it for any other purpose than bathing. ● If there is an abnormality in the skin or the constitution is to be used in consultation with your doctor. ● during and after use and use, rash on the skin, redness, itching, when an abnormality such as irritation appears, discontinue use to consult a doctor or pharmacist. In particular, people with allergies or who may have experienced a hypersensitivity symptoms such as rash, such as medicine, that you use caution. ● This product does not drink. If swallowed in large quantities, to perform the treatment, such as water to drink. ● After use, close the lid snugly, be kept out of the reach of children. please note For turbidity type ● By blending component, it will be easy to slip in the bathtub and washing place, sufficient attention should be given. ● Fully automatic water heater, there is a possibility that the filter is clogged when used in 24-hour bath, be used on the check your model of the manual. ● After use, that it may dirty white and filter of the bathtub inside and circulation hole, that well to wash. (With such as such as in cloudy component bath kettle inside of dross is some, it may come out into the bathtub from the circulation hole.) ● to put in long tub the remaining water, but there is that around the tub is white, it will be clean when the rinsing. For the use of the remaining hot water ● The remaining water is accustomed to your also to wash, rinse able to use fresh water. However, in the following cases that it does not use. ● combination with fabric softener, Tsukeoki, freshly grated clothing) ● Since there is a possibility that is affected and put the remaining water to the plant, it is not applied.


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