UZU 38 ℃ / 99 ° F LIPSTICK <YOU> +0.5 Clear


UZU 38 ℃ / 99 ° F LIPSTICK <YOU> +0.5 Clear

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Product Introduction

Development in order to enjoy the seven colors each with charm in fully, feel, texture, color concentration, such as finish impression, the prescription for each color.

■ AIRY MATTE (-2, + 2)
Carefully selected powder, wax, by optimizing the balance of oil, while matte texture, implementation and the smoothness of the growth of Airy as containing air, the wearing comfort with light and moisture feeling.
Natural three-dimensional feeling of goodness and the lips of the irregularity with no color in person painted to look better beautiful finish.
-2, without resorting to redness, it shows bright and zing the skin color. Brown beige was one twist.
+2, bring out the individual personality to have an impact on Foggy back, smoked over red.

■ HYPER BEIGE (-1, + 1)
Precisely reproduce the hue and texture to feel faint complexion feeling.
-1, to produce a sense of sheer and delicate sheen Coral beige.
+1, pink beige cameos pink nuances in semi-matte texture.
This two-color, to all of those who seek a beige nestling into any scene and facial expressions.

■ HYBRID BALM (-0.5, ± 0, + 0.5)
With three functions, three color. In addition to the color effect that can freely control the complexion feeling, overlaid with other lip item enjoy the change of new texture and color base / top coat effect, also excellent treatment effect more than a lip balm.
-0.5, guarana extract combination ※ 1 of Sheer gray to bring a natural tone down effect.
± 0 is, lavender pink micro-pearl gives the nuances of depth and brilliance, clear hologram of emollient ingredients.
+0.5, due ※ 2 plant-derived component sea buckthorn extract, carrot extract, clear of the orange yellow to produce a fresh complexion feeling naturally.

※ 1: moisturizing
※ 2: moisturizing and natural coloring ingredients

Ingredients / Materials

* Guarana extract (moisturizer) ** hexa (hydroxystearic acid / stearic acid / rosin acid) dipentaerythrityl (moisturizer) *** hypoxanthine faecium ram Neu des fruit extract (moisturizer), ginseng root extract (moisturizer and natural coloring component), Arcana root extract (moisturizer and natural coloring component), sunflower seed oil (moisturizer) **** Enterococcus faecalis (moisturizing)


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